With Generation Y starting to enter the workforce, people are introduced to views about the world that they’ve never heard. Generation Y is marked as a generation that has grown up with social connectivity and technologies like the internet and IM’ing. We’ve seen those technologies evolve and have come to expect the world to evolve just as quickly.

Penelope Trunk, a member of Generation X, and author bestseller Brazen Careerist, launched today. Penelope Trunk runs her own blog where she helps navigate today’s young professionals through the corporate world filled with backwards tendencies and strict heirarchical structures. Given that there is so much content written on the web today, it is difficult to get a good feel about our generation, specifically as it has to deal with our careers and passions. wants to be the destination to help carve out our generation’s leading voices about career and life. It is also a way to help those not in our generation get a pulse on our lives and the way we view our world. I am proud to say that I am a featured writer on the Brazen Careerist network and am looking forward to the opportunities that the destination will provide to all it’s authors. I hope you will join the community, because I am positive you will get some great insight into some of the great voices of our generation.




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