25th Birthday

Thanks to everyone who made my 25th birthday weekend fantastic. My new town home was filled with friends who made it for the weekend. We ate great food, went to a college party, my boss’ party, and to 6th Street. Over the course of the weekend, I learned 3 key lessons.


1. Central Texas BBQ rocks. We made the trip to Lockhart, TX and had the privilege of eating some of central Texas’ finest BBQ at Kreuz Market.

2. Super Bowl. I don’t care how many years the Super Bowl has fallen on my birthday, I get excited every time. While my Cowboys didn’t make it to the Superbowl this year, I’m glad I got to see a great game. No matter how many people told the Giants they were not good enough, they kept fighting and did not let the perception of perfection ruin their own concentration. Never count anybody out.

3. Gen-Y’er is all grown up. I am officially too old for any college party. My brother is still in college so occasionally I will make it to his friends’ parties. Some of my other 25 year old friends would disagree, but I think Jello shots and beer-pong should stop at 25. Isn’t that why I’ll be paying less on car insurance this year?

Again, thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday and made my 25th a great one.


5 thoughts on “25th Birthday

  1. Just wanted to say AMEN to the last point. At the ripe ole’ age of 26 I had this realization myself. Now granted, I think it has to do with the company you keep. B/c I have attended parties with married 30-somethings where Jello shots were served and our Christmas shin-dig wouldn’t have been the same without Beer pong in the basement. But the difference is it’s funny b/c it surprises you. All about irony. On a side note, if a young looking dude comes up to you on West Sixth and asked “what do you do.” It’s safe to assume he’s just looking for a job. 🙂


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