Micro-Reporting & Google Juice

write.jpgI recently attended the Consumer Electronics Show otherwise known as CES. I had the opportunity to listen to a round table which included my company’s CEO Brett Hurt, alongside the CEO of Nowpublic.com, Leonard Brody. It was an amazing discussion around social networking, the internet, and the impact these new technologies have on traditional organizations.  Nowpublic.com is a news site which aggregates news from thousands of its citizen reporters located around the world. Nowpublic.com relies on the reporting from everyday individuals, who are also called “micro-reporters”.  Nowpublic.com is a microcosm of the internet, which has allowed for instantaneous reporting combined with a reporter base that that spans millions of people in every part of the world. A traditional news staff which employs thousands of reporters at high salaries could never match the millions of reporters around the world who are hyper-reporting local, national, and international news at virtually no cost.

Google has shown how much they value micro-reporters by indexing blog posts in under four hours. By reporting a new piece of news, you could sky-rocket to the top of search-engines like Google making you a source of information overnight. Recently the AP contacted Scot Herrick over at Cuberules.com to report on the lay-offs banks have been making in recent times. The reporter found him through his blog. Scot’s micro-reporting was highly relevant and has allowed him to attract new readers & new opportunities.

While I don’t think this type of reporting has or will replace journalism, it has certainly replaced the need for traditional news reporting. It reinforces the power of blogging from a reporting standpoint and certainly reinforces the importance of branding yourself in situations where your thoughts and perspectives on current events can be discovered and amplified.  Google has given this system legs, because without a discovery tool, the millions of contributers around the world would likely be muffled.  Yet again, they are changing the way we consume our daily information.  Only this time, we all have a voice.


One thought on “Micro-Reporting & Google Juice

  1. Adam,

    I didn’t realize the amount of respect Google had for microbloggers. I can see this as being great news for marketers…and on the downside-spammers!

    Keep up the great work on this blog!


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