Personal Branding Magazine Issue 3 — Available February 1st

nextissue.jpgAbout 6 months ago I joined Personal Branding Magazine. It has been a fantastic experience as I helped with sponsorships and contributed a couple food-for-thought articles. If you are new to Personal Branding or just want to read up on all the great thinkers on the subject, I would recommend subscribing or at least taking a look. Issue 3 is looking to be even better with interviews with top bloggers like Om Malik and Gina Trapini.

Below I’ve included my piece I wrote for Issue 2.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing and the Personal Brand

by: Adam Salamon

When promoting our personal brands, how do we balance our own marketing efforts with the fact that most people trust advertising less and less each day?

We’ve been lied to by advertisers. Each one of us has had experiences with products or services that didn’t meet our expectations. It’s no wonder that people now turn to each other when in doubt about services or products. Word-of-mouth is now the number one trusted form of advertising according to Edleman. And that isn’t strictly for products or services anymore–it’s for all of us, too. Creating a personal brand is not only about gaining recognition about what you do, but it’s also about creating loyal brand advocates who will recommend you when someone asks them for advice. Because we know that word-of-mouth is trusted, we know that people will ask their friends for advice when looking for an expert marketer, salesman, or writer.

Keep this in mind during your Personal Branding journey. Remember that people don’t like being lied to. Be authentic and open. Promote yourself on what you can deliver, that way when someone asks about you, they can say with confidence that you deliver on your promises.

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