Remember My Name

nametag.jpgI have a picture memory.  If you only tell me your name, there’s a good chance I’ll forget it the moment you tell me.  It’s funny though.  At work, I’m told I have an iron memory.  It’s because once I see a name on paper or on a computer, its ingrained in my brain forever.  But that skill is less important than being able to remember a name you’ve heard.  Remembering someones name is one of the most powerful ways to create a positive impact and impression on someone. 

Why is that?

Remembering Names Makes You Confident

This is somewhat of a hidden secret, but remembering names doesn’t make you likable, it makes you confident.  Given that so many people are “bad with names”, those who are good with names can be confident in social situations.  Imagine yourself at a party.  You meet a new person and they state their name.  You have a brief conversation with them and now you’re back to the party.  Later, you see the person again.  You’re with a friend and you’re thinking of introducing the two, but you’ve forgotten their name.  I’ll bet you’re a little hesitant.  You may even try to avoid eye-contact. 

Now imagine yourself as someone who remembers names.  You look people in the eyes and make introductions confidently.  You walk around social gatherings and get to know the crowd.  You are now able to start linking groups together and find commonalities within them.  You’ll notice that those who forget names will never do this.  A person who remembers names has power. 

Do whatever it takes to remember.  I’m there with you.


2 thoughts on “Remember My Name

  1. Hmm that’s quite an interesting angle on the remembering names ‘skill’ that I hadn’t considered before. I find I remember names much more easily in person rather than on paper, so maybe the opposite to you.

    I still think it does work slightly in your favour likeability wise if you can remember names, purely in the sense that it’s not creating an unnecessary awkwardness next time you meet the person and can’t remember who they are.

    Came across your blog from Modite – – only read this post so far but it’s a view I’ve not heard anyone else say before so thanks!


  2. Mark, thanks for the comments. Remembering people’s names does make you likeable for sure. It could be a mix of confidence and lack of ackwardness. (They may in fact be related)

    Glad you got to read Rebecca Thorman’s Modite! Fantastic read.


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