Salamon Rules of Personal Branding: Rule # 5 — Be Consistent

Good brands build over time. 

In the first four editions of ‘Salamon Rules of Personal Branding’ we learned how to set your personal brand up for success.  We learned that you must know how to mass-communicate.  It is the basis of creating a recognizable name.  We learned how to improve your ‘product’ and how to refine your unique value proposition to the world.  We showed that you have to have an innovative take on the world and your specialty.  And last, we learned that your brand has to be accessible—that is, creating a relationship with your customers is far more powerful than any barrier to entry you have set up. 

The fifth law in my series is consistency

The reason consistency is important is because, consistency isn’t a one off.  Consistency implies that your brand will be interacted with on more than one occasion.  Wow someone once, and that’s great.  But in order to create a loyal following a build your name brand, you need to be patient and win people over one experience at a time. 

The best brands in the world are consistent.  You know what you will get when you interact with their brand.  It is the reason why established brands are so successful.  For the most part, you know what to expect when you go in.  Consistency breeds trust, and trust breeds good experiences and good word-of-mouth.  William Arruda explains the value of consistency in this article where he says, “When everything is consistent about your brand, you can become known for something. A successful personal brand is always the same. It’s your promise of value to your customers, clients, managers, peers, etc.”

Build yourself a code of consistency to live by, and start being consistent! 



3 thoughts on “Salamon Rules of Personal Branding: Rule # 5 — Be Consistent

  1. And the poster says it all!

    This is spot-on, Adam. Consistency is an underlying skill that builds brands.

    For those of you who think being consistent is easy…think again. It requires discipline, willingness to push through tough spots and some good strategic thinking about where what you are doing is taking you.

    Nice post, Adam!


  2. Scot, you are very right when you say that consistency requires good strategic thinking. It’s important to think about what you want your brand to represent and then to follow through with all of your effort.

    Being consistent is tough, but I’ve found that starting small and learning how to get it right vs. over extending yourself is almost always the best course of action.


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