Daily Archives: September 24, 2007

Salamon Rules of Personal Branding: Rule # 4 — Be Accessible

I recently wrote about my trip to New York where I met a rapper selling his Cd’s on the side of the street at $20 a pop.  I wrote that giving away your content and mass-communicating your brand will get you much better results than creating a barrier to entry.  Acquisition is king.  You have to do what you can to create a relationship with people.  Companies do this all the time.  Read here about a movie theater that gives away popcorn for free.  What they’re doing is giving their customers a reason to be loyal.  Even though most theaters make a killing by charging $4-8 on popcorn, this theater is making their money by creating loyalty.  Giving away their popcorn sparks their customers to return and tell their friends. 

While part of value-building is exclusivity, even the most exclusive of brands (Oprah, Trump, Tiger Woods and others) stick with the basics.  They are big and have brand names for a reason.  They mass-communicate their value and they’re accessible to their fans through PR, TV, Books, etc.   

I have a personal philosophy of providing value first, connecting, and creating the relationship.  Are you a person is who’s looking to take value rather than add value?  Is there a barrier to entry with your personal brand?  Do people first have to invest in you before you ever add value to them?  How many of your bosses know what you do and what your brand really offers?  This type of information needs to be accessible. When creating your brand, be sure to let others know what kind of value you have.  Be open and have easy ways for people to get in touch with you.   

All the best in your journey!