Personal Branding Wiki

Dan Schawbel came up with a great idea to start a Personal Branding Wiki.  Given the explosion of the personal branding craze, a wiki is a phenomenal idea.  In short, the definition and ideas about personal branding continue to evolve as more ideas pour in–what better way to organize those thoughts than to have a wiki? 

More important than the actual wiki, I must say that I am quite impressed with Dan Schawbel.  Interest in Personal Branding is rising–why not be the defacto thought leader by being the first to market with a personal branding magazine, wiki, videos, etc. 

There is something we can all learn from Dan Schawbel.  Do you have an idea?  Are you creating a following with that idea?  Then make sure to keep innovating.  That is the one thing Dan Schawbel is doing absolutely right. 



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