Attitude is Contagious!

Attitude is Contagious!

-John Maxwell

Attitude 101


This is one of my new favorite quotes.  I picked up this 100 page book by John Maxwell and and was instantly hooked when he related attitude to basketball.  I know from personal experience that even the worse player on a team can be the spark-plug that everyone needs to have in order to win.  How does attitude relate to personal branding?  Attitude is a reflection of your past and a prediction of your future.  People can sense attitude, and it doesn’t matter what you say, becuase if your attitude sucks, then everyone around you will be able to smell it.  Think of your attitude as your compass–the way you filter the outside world will determine where you end up.  Your attitude will either attract or repel people.  With a good attitude,  the world is yours to learn from.


5 thoughts on “Attitude is Contagious!

  1. It’s so true! I’m helping coordinate a training conference this week, and the hotel staff at our location have gone and beyond all day, and they all have the best attitudes. Even though I’m exhausted and my back is killing me, it makes my attitude about hauling boxes and doing all the other little set up details so much more positive to be surrounded by friendly, helpful people!


  2. Great post! I always felt that Attitude is your mental compass that points you in the right direction. As you start your daily trek through life, you can go North or South…and bring people along with you. To get my compass set, I strive to spend at least an hour of quiet time each morning in study, prayer, and reflection…


  3. Adam!

    Your attitude is contagious! I love your blog!

    My company helps people, teams, and organizations Maximize Possibility every day. One of the things we “preach” about and coach on is attitude. I literally keep spreadsheets showing the impact of someone’s attitude on their personal bottom line.

    We all know that our attitude is important – I bet few people know the power of attitude on their own and their organization’s bottom line.

    Keep Rockin’!

    Chris Young
    Founder, Daymaker
    The Rainmaker Group, Inc.


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