Salamon Rules of Personal Branding: Rule # 3 — Innovate


Do you know who you are and how you stand out?  Do you know what your unique perspective of the world is?    If you don’t, then I’d be willing to bet that others don’t either.   

Think of an innovator as someone with a pair of glasses who can see things through those glasses that other people can’t.  Innovators mold the world through that vision so that others without the glasses can see what they see.  Think of great personal brands like Carnegie, Jobs, or Einstein.   Each of them changed the world.  People like this are innovators.  They see things other people can’t–or rather, they see things from their unique glasses that others would never see. 

Your vision’s impact on others is the measure of how innovative you are.  Good innovators attract others to see their vision.  Whether directly or through word-of-mouth, your vision has to be mass-communicated to others.  The more people that identify with that vision, the more powerful your brand will become. 

Find your glasses.



5 thoughts on “Salamon Rules of Personal Branding: Rule # 3 — Innovate

  1. The really nice thing about innovation is that it doesn’t have to be “the next big thing.”

    If you think about it, Steve Jobs isn’t inventing anything that is really new, but what he is doing is taking existing technology and mashing them up into something useful and productive for people. How to make something a much better “tool” for people to use.

    That offers hope to people who may be thinking that personal branding is all about new, totally unique solutions. Instead, innovation is really about taking what is out there, packaging it to your strengths as a person, and then showing that to people so they remember the brand.

    Good thoughts, Adam. Thanks for writing the article.


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