The Tree

There is something about a tree, something special and ultimately existential.  There’s the tree of life, the learning tree, the family tree, and The Giving Tree.  Maybe it is because I’ve been so indoctrinated that I find such meaning in a tree.  As a child I used to climb them.  I’d tell my mother, an artist, to paint them.  And when I had my personal web-site done, I knew a tree was the symbol I wanted to express myself with.  


Why do I associate with trees?  There is something about a tree. A tree can teach us so much about life and identity.  A tree will always have its roots, just like us.  We are all planted.  As time goes on, a tree will grow in many directions, but you can always trace back its paths, find the same base, and ultimately the same roots.  During the seasons and under different conditions, the tree will adapt, exfoliate, and start a new.  Just like a tree, we all face circumstances and must adapt to the daily pressures of life.  We too can rid ourselves of previous images and representations.  Perhaps everything is connected, just a metaphor we can discover.


Coming from an artist’s home, I was taught that to find your connection to your personal identity, the images, colors, and temperaments that you link yourself with can communicate everything.  I’ve chosen trees as my symbolic image and I chose red as my primary color.  Red in Hebrew, comes from the root word “Adam” which literally means earth and man.  It also conveys fire and passion, two symbols I immediately associate with. As a writer, personal brander, and blogger, I know that the content I provide is another communicative force to take into account.  How much more powerful is a message when you converge all of these separate ingredients like content, color, and symbol into one message? 


2 thoughts on “The Tree

  1. Trees stretch towards the sky and touch upon the realm of dreams. I remember reading Italo Calvino many years ago and one of his characters lived on trees for a long time while studying Voltaire. To me they mean life in all its stages.

    I can still see in my mind’s eye the rows of Cypress trees lining country roads of Italy when I would take long walks in the summer. Never successful in climbing a tree myself, it did not deter me from trying 😉


  2. Valeria,

    You’re right that trees touch upon dreams. As a youth they look even higher. They may even be the base of our dreams and goals– the dream of being able to one day reach them.

    Life in all of its stages 🙂 Fantastic!


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