“Creating Your Name Brand”–Introduction

One thing that has always fascinated me is why some people in life tend to succeed and why some people fail.  I always have had a fear of being in the second group.  Growing up as a kid, I was athletic and smart, but never saw myself as a successful person.  I wasn’t necessarily popular and just thought that these were the cards that were dealt to me, and I had to deal with them. 

A turning point was when I went to High School after dropping 30 pounds and getting rid of my braces.  I was treated completely different.  Things I used to do automatically without praise were getting noticed by teachers, friends, and girls.  I was still making the same grades, playing the same sports, and yet I was being rewarded more for the same kind of work.  It dawned on me that PERCEPTION IS REALITY

Ever since that point, I understood that success doesn’t necessarily come from what you do, but how what you do is percieved.  I believe that there is a systematic way to constantly improve the way you are percieved so that you can continue to build a brand around yourself. 

Think about how the IPOD is percieved differently than any other MP3 player.  Why is that?  How can you gain a good reputation, spread good word-of-mouth, and build Your Name Brand?  Please bookmark this site and keep updated on the latest articles, tips, and interviews in the area of Personal Branding and Self Development. 


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